From a Manual to Fully Automated Warehouse

Warehousing is one of the biggest areas for supply chain differentiation. How do you plan to stay competitive and meet your consumer’s needs? Deep dive into the warehouse with topics on critical capabilities, cloud vs. on-prem infrastructure, ROI and automation.

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From a Manual to Fully Automated Warehouse
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From a Manual to Fully Automated Warehouse

Automating your warehouse operations can provide significant benefits, including a significant increase in productivity and performance. But how can you avoid the pitfalls along the way, and determine the right level and type of automation for your business? In our masterclass on Tuesday, July 28, Körber automation expert Pieter Feenstra will discuss how to find the automation solution that not only fits your needs, but also helps your warehouse run at peak efficiency and maximizes your automation ROI.

Pieter Feenstra
Körber Supply Chain

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