How robots can increase safety in your warehouse

Warehouses are held to a high level of safety standards and workplace safety is paramount to operational production as issues can result in lost time, product, and revenue. Join us for this Master Class series on Workplace Efficiencies and Safety to learn how the latest technologies and automation can help improve your processes and safety.

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All sessions are 12–12:30 PM EDT

September 17

How robots can increase safety in your warehouse

By relieving people of some of more ergonomically challenging tasks, robots are key to increasing warehouse safety. From lifting and moving heavy items over long distances, to carrying out more monotonous tasks, AMRs can help to eliminate repetitive injuries and accidents associated with worker fatigue. Learn more as John Santagate explores how robots can improve safety in the warehouse.

John Santagate | Vice President of Robotics
Körber Supply Chain

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